Why Treasure?

Creating MAGIC together with a vibrant ecosystem of games and builders

  1. Onboard into one of the most vibrant and passionate grass-roots communities of builders, talent and users (ie. community bootstrapping).
  2. Contribute to and benefit from significant network effects driven from cross-game NFT/token composability, shared infrastructure (eg. marketplace, AMM) and a unified unit of account (MAGIC).
  3. Leverage a high growth ecosystem with scale (eg. volume, liquidity, users, TVL, resources) and depth and breadth of capabilities.
  4. Bootstrap operations and/or enrich game attractiveness by accessing a highly desired token with multi-layered demand (MAGIC) via grants.
  5. Access demand on the largest NFT marketplace on Arbitrum and one of the strongest on L2.

How can we partner?

Gold Coin

Bootstrapped Liquidity and Funding

Help bootstrap the project with capital in its initial stages as to complement existing go to market strategies. This would be in the form of vesting MAGIC with key performance milestones.

Red Rupee

MAGIC Emissions

MAGIC and Treasure NFTs are woven deeply into the game mechanics and purpose of the project by complementing or seeding rewards in your metaverse, or raising funds or re-investing your treasury to form a metaverse guild.


Marketplace Listing

All NFTs within an integrated project are listed on the Treasure Marketplace and denominated in MAGIC. Royalties received could go towards funding operations, ongoing in-game rewards and/or participation in Bridgeworld.

Ecosystem Integration Framework

Providing clarity to projects integrating into and building on top of the Treasure ecosystem.

Apply to Partner

Express your interest in becoming a partner cartridge with Treasure.