Bridgeworld is a game of strategic commerce, trade and social coordination forming a base economy layer for the Treasure ecosystem.

Sitting at the epicenter of the Treasure ecosystem, Bridgeworld serves as the fabric between all other worlds. As the only known natural source of MAGIC in the universe, Bridgeworld brings forth a dynamic and perpetual conquest for resource acquisition through social coordination.

This allows for the emergence of unique group dynamics informed by how communities cooperate or work against each other as users, guilds, and globally across the entire system.

Legion 1

Economic infrastructure powering the Treasure ecosystem

Reservoirs of MAGIC

Vast pools of MAGIC for games, guilds, and players to uncover and use within their worlds.


Embedded incentives for players to explore and facilitate economic activity across the Treasure ecosystem.


A balanced and open economy of interoperable and composable assets.

Lore Creation

Coming soon.

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The economic engine and tooling powering Treasure