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Treasure is building a gaming and entertainment powerhouse, built and owned by all.

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Pioneering a new era of gaming

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We’re shaping a future where developers, creators, and players can build new experiences together. Where you can truly own your assets. And share in the collective growth of our ecosystem.

All made possible by the blockchain.

We level up game builders

We empower games to reach their full potential. Our community-driven ethos, publishing stack, and novel approach to game building gives developers everything they need to be successful.

Build with Treasure

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Play, compete, and unlock rewards all on Treasure – our destination for games.

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Build on Treasure

We equip our game builders with the tools they need to be successful. Everything from our publishing stack, bottom-up distribution through a passionate player community, and shoulder-to-shoulder game support.

Gaming Chains

Fast, affordable, and powered by the Treasure Chain and a new network of Infinity Chains.

Treasure Development Kit

Enabling Treasure's platform features in-game with multi-platform support, deployable smart contracts, and access to identity, analytics, and LiveOps tooling.

Treasure Identity & Login

Seamless onboarding to bring players into your game. Powerful segmentation tools to personalize player experiences.

... and much more

Native marketplace built specifically for gaming, a powerful next generation AMM, streamlined payments, robust analytics... the list goes on.

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Bridgeworld is the center of the Treasure multiverse connecting our ecosystem’s loved IP and games together.

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$MAGIC flows throughout Treasure to power and connect our network of games and players.

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